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Upcoming events

    • 27 Sep 2023
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Zoom


    One of the primary ways that designers can be more strategic and have an influence on corporate decision-making is to leverage data and insights about our customers and users.  But some designers are not well-versed in design research methodology, and even if they know how to use research effectively,  they may struggle to articulate the value of the insights to decision-makers and stakeholders.  This often comes down to who uses which type of insights to succeed in their respective roles.  For example, quantitative data is typically favoured and used heavily by stakeholders and decision-makers, while designers benefit strongly from qualitative research and insights.  How can we reconcile these perspectives or does this mean we always have to run both qualitative and quantitative studies to satisfy both?  In this talk, we will discuss different strategies for bridging these gaps while keeping the human-centered design process lean and efficient in corporate settings.



    Christian Rohrer is a Design Executive with 20+ years experience leading design and research teams at top tech companies, including Yahoo!, eBay,, McAfee, Intel, Capital One and TD Bank. He holds a BA in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz and a PhD in Cognitive Science from Stanford University. Since 2004, he has been affiliated with the Nielsen Norman Group as a guest author and invited industry instructor. In this capacity he has taught over 1000 students in Experience Strategy, Research, and UX Assessment methods, and authored a popular framework for understanding user research methods. He also pioneered PURE (Practical Usability Ratings by Experts), a pragmatic method for quantifying ease of use for any product or application. 

    Since May of 2022, Christian has been serving as VP of Design for TD Bank, leading a team of over 300 designers, researchers, strategists, writers, and other specialists, providing all design services in both Canada and the US through the TD Design Practice.


    6:50 - The web meeting waiting room opens

    7:00  - Presentation via ZOOM

    8:00 to 8:30 - Networking on ZOOM

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    Passcode: 5555

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29 Jun 2020 The MAGIC of Semantic IxD | Daniel Rosenberg, rCDO UX [RECORDING, PDF]
08 Jun 2020 Recruiting for User Research in the Age of COVID-19 | Basel Fakhoury, User Interviews [RECORDING, PDF]
25 May 2020 HCDAgile: A Hybrid Approach | Carol Righi (1904labs) [RECORDING, SLIDES]
20 Apr 2020 CHI'2020 Talks | Students from U of T [PDF, VIDEO]
07 Apr 2020 Perceived usability: Usefulness and measurement of this construct | James Lewis, Ph.D [PDF, VIDEO]
11 Mar 2020 Footings and Fixtures: Foundations of Design | Paul Eisen, Ph.D., P.Eng. [PDF, VIDEO]
29 Jan 2020 Does AI Mean Data Visualization is Dead? | Jamie Waese, Anne Stevens, Afrooz Samaei, Stephen O'Connell (IBM) [VIDEO, PDF]
14 Nov 2019 World Usability Day - Designing Worlds We Can Live In: Inclusive design in practice | Cheryl Li , Colin Clark (OCADU) [PDF]
30 Sep 2019 AI & UX: Reports from the field | Michael Zuliani (IBM), Nathalie Crosbie (BMO) [PDF]
29 Jul 2019 Summer social
12 Jun 2019 Experience Thinking, a Design Framework to Create End-to-End Experiences | Tedde van Gelderen (Akendi)
23 May 2019 The Future of The Interface: Where UX and CX Meet | Arnie Guha (Phase 5)
25 Apr 2019 CHI2019 Preview | Students from U of T's Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP)
03 Apr 2019 What Society Must Require from AI | Ron Baecker (U. of Toronto)
06 Mar 2019 Participatory Inclusive Design in Health and Wellbeing | Dr. Kate Sellen (OCADU) [PDF]
30 Jan 2019 Working for the Enemy at Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit | Aleks Oniszczak
19 Dec 2018 Holidays Gathering with Student Project Presentations [video]
08 Nov 2018 World Usability Day 2018 - Design for Good or Evil | Ilona Posner (Consultant), Fanny Chevalier (U of Toronto) Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (U of Toronto) [PDF, video]
15 Oct 2018 Co-creation: Reinventing Design in Agile, Product-First Organizations | Craig Saila (CBC)
20 Sep 2018 Humber College Usability Lab Trailer Tour and Industry Case Studies | George Paravantes, Bernie Monette (Humber College) [video]
14 Jun 2018 Government: A New Frontier for Design | Chris Govias (Canadian Digital Service) [video]
14 May 2018 Speech and Hands-free Interaction: Myths, Challenges, and Opportunities | Cosmin Munteanu (U of Toronto)
12 Apr 2018 From Postcards to Virtual Reality & Back! | Bill Buxton [video, PDF]
28 Mar 2018 CHI2018 Preview | Students from U of T's Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP)
07 Mar 2018 TD Bank's Experience Strategy & Design Research Panel
08 Feb 2018 IBM Creating An Award-winning Intranet From Scratch
14 Dec 2017 User Experience Design Case Studies, Student Project Presentations
09 Nov 2017 TorCHI Celebrates World Usability Day with Inclusive Design Thinking Workshop [VIDEO]
19 Oct 2017 Autodesk – Designing for Virtual Reality: Beyond the Games, John Schrag, Autodesk [VIDEO]
21 Sep 2017 Cineplex Rewind, Fast Forward: Sprinting from Concepts to Actionable Results [VIDEO]
28 Jun 2017 IBM Toronto UX Research Showcase
11 May 2017 Google – The (Very Near) Future of Retail in Canada – Naumi Haque, Strategy and Insights Manager, Google Canada
20 Apr 2017 Optimizing UX for Agile - and vice versa: A panel discussion
13 Mar 2017 How User Experience impacts Brand Equity – Snigdha Sah, Senior Lead UX Specialist, GfK Canada
30 Jan 2017 The Shock and Awe of Incremental Website Improvements – by Morag Johnston
12 Dec 2016 TorCHI Visit to Ryerson's Syn Lab with Prof Ali Mazalek
10 Nov 2016 TorCHI celebrates World Usability Day 2016 with "Confessions of a Recovering Designer: Shedding the Right UX Baggage to Make Great Experiences Thrive" by Andrew Chak
18 Jul 2016 Evaluating User Experience Using the UX Graph and Experience Recollection Methods by Masaaki Kurosu
26 May 2016 TorCHI's CHI2016 San Jose Conference Highlights Review.
28 Apr 2016 CIBC UX Lab Tour - UX Research & Design at CIBC
28 Jan 2016 Learnings from Designing CBC's 2015 Federal Election Dashboard
10 Dec 2015 Taking the Long View with UX: Successful Leadership Strategies that Involve Building Trust, Empathy, and Relationships
12 Nov 2015 TorCHI Celebrates World Usability Day 2015 Focus on Innovation
23 Oct 2015 1-day workshop: UX Design with the Mind in Mind
22 Oct 2015 Designing Websites for an Aging Population: Toward Universal Design
24 Jun 2015 ROGERS - The shift to customer-first: from data to strategy to experience
08 Jun 2015 TorCHI's CHI2015 Korea Conference Highlights Review.
30 Apr 2015 Next Generation Virtual World, Michael Macedonia
09 Mar 2015 Designing tools that provide advice: Some advice for UX designers | Paul McInerney, Rick Sobiesiak, IBM
04 Feb 2015 Listening through Customer Insights, Adam Froman, CEO Delvinia & AskingCanadians
19 Jan 2015 Designing for Work, Karel Vredenburg, IBM Director of Design
10 Dec 2014 KMDI & TorCHI Present – Designed to Disconnect: Technologies of Non-Use and Communication Avoidance
13 Nov 2014 UX Bootcamp - Hands-On Practice of Collaborative, Interactive, & Engaging UX Techniques
29 Oct 2014 Designing Next Generation Desktop Phones: A Case Study in Evidence-Based Design
11 Sep 2014 The Future of Making - 3D Printing
19 Jun 2014 Investigating the Role of Human Factors within IBM
22 May 2014 CHI 2014 Conference Debrief at ToRCHI
09 Apr 2014 ToRCHI Preview of CHI presentations from DGP Lab UofT
28 Mar 2014 Agile UX Toolkit 1-day workshop
26 Feb 2014 The Usability of Usability, Andrew Chak, TD Bank
16 Jan 2014 Institutionalization of UX – An Object Oriented Approach, by Eric Schaffer, HFI [VIDEO]
12 Dec 2013 Advancing UX in Your Organization
14 Nov 2013 Celebrate World Usability Day with ToRCHI & UHN
16 Oct 2013 Cognitive Distractions in Driving
25 Sep 2013 Slings and Arrows: The Outrageous Fortunes of UX Management
06 Jun 2013 The Triple Revolution: How Networked Individualism Plays Out in Community, Family and Work
15 Apr 2013 ToRCHI PREVIEWS - CHI’13 Paris Conference Presentations
28 Mar 2013 Workshop: Foundations of design practice
20 Feb 2013 Rethinking Tablet User Experience by James Wu (Kobo)
30 Jan 2013 Skill Building for Design Innovators
12 Dec 2012 How do you make great digital products?
17 Oct 2012 TorCHI visit to the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCADU
10 Sep 2012 User Experience in the Age of Sustainability
27 Jun 2012 Designing a self-administered cognitive test that runs through a web-browser: Myth or reality?
04 Jun 2012 CIBC iPad Banking App
04 Apr 2012 Digital Product Design at The Globe and Mail
23 Feb 2012 Mobile Web Design workshop
01 Feb 2012 User Strategies: Considerations for UX Analysis and Design
14 Dec 2011 Driver distraction and in-car information systems
10 Nov 2011 World Usability Day talk: Internet of Things
03 Oct 2011 Why touch input seems inaccurate and how to allow for high-precision touch input using a fingerprint scanner
29 Jun 2011 Designing Natural: The Secrets of Microsoft's Natural User Interfaces
08 Jun 2011 Site visit to Gesturetek
26 May 2011 Collaborative Gift Giving with GiveButtons
21 Apr 2011 Best practices in Interface Design and applying them to Microsoft Surface
17 Mar 2011 How HCI can save the World
17 Feb 2011 Technology's role in bereavement: Opportunities for design
15 Dec 2010 Experience Design by Tedde van Gelderen
11 Nov 2010 World Usability Day celebration
13 Oct 2010 Measuring Emotion
22 Sep 2010 User Experience at Research In Motion (RIM)
15 Jul 2010 Designing User-centric Experiences
17 Jun 2010 Cross-Cultural User-Experience Design and the Green Machine
17 Jun 2010 Mobile User Interface Design course
20 May 2010 CANCELED: Sustainable UX
28 Apr 2010 Touch User Experience Design
02 Feb 2010 Designing Safe Systems in Healthcare by Anjum Chagpar (UHN)
19 Jan 2010 Design for a Smarter Planet by Karel Vredenburg (IBM)
08 Dec 2009 Start Well, End Well: Using Sprint Zero
12 Nov 2009 Usable Climate Science
04 Jun 2009 Bell Usability Lab tour and presentation on “Beyond Text: Online Card Sorting with Images” by Jamie Hart
20 May 2009 The Aphasia Project: Designing Technology For and With People who have Aphasia
16 Apr 2009 Creating Insight Driven Digital Experiences
05 Feb 2009 Generational Differences – A User Experience Challenge
05 Feb 2009 One-day Course: Neuro Web Design & Recent Research for Usability and Interface Design
21 Jan 2009 3 Case Studies on Personas
16 Dec 2008 Future Interface Demos
13 Nov 2008 World Usability Day celebration
06 Nov 2008 From HCI to Interaction Design
01 Oct 2008 Talks on Microsoft Surface and Office UI
24 Jun 2008 June 24 presentation: There is a story behind every link
23 Jun 2008 UX+IA workshop: Toronto, June 2008
29 May 2008 DGPis40 celebration
27 Feb 2008 Tour of IBM Innovation Centre

More past events

 30-Jan-08 Bell Usability Lab tour
 18-Dec-07 Ron Baecker on ePresence
 8-Nov-07 World Usability Day
 25-Oct-07 Mark Chignell
 18-Jun-07 Bill Buxton
 28-May-07 Ptanjali Chary (Oracle)
 25-Apr-07 IBM Lab site visit/presentations
 21-Mar-07 Alias site visit/presentations
 28-Feb-07 Ron Baecker
 7-Feb-07 CNIB visit hosted by Lesley MacDonald
 9-Nov-06 World Usability Day @ The Drake Hotel
 28-Sep-06 Audio Based Reminders | Khai Truong
 31-May-05 Banking Panel
 28-Apr-05 eHEALTH (joint event with TUPA)
 21-Mar-05 Task Analysis | Paul McInerney (IBM)
 15-Dec-04 Ryerson Accessibility Centre
 16-Nov-04 Home Run Event
 22-Apr-04 Helen Maskery
 17-Dec-03 Christmas Party
 13-Nov-03 Aaron Markus
 16-Sep-03 Karel Vredenburg (IBM)
 5-Jun-03 Jared Spool Full Day Workshop
 20-Mar-03 Customer Experience Presentation
 8-Mar-03 Ron Baecker
 27-Feb-03 Evelyn Lo
 12-Dec-02 York University HCI Lab
 28-Nov-02 Antonia Palmer
 22-Oct-02 Panel with 3 Usability Experts
 19-Sep-02 Roberts, U of T
 20-Jun-02 DCIEM
 10-Jun-02 Full Day Workshop
 16-Apr-02 Catherine Devlin
 28-Feb-02 Kim Vincente
 17-Jan-02 TorCHI Meeting
 12-Dec-01 Christmas Party @ Summit Grill
 25-Oct-01 MAPTUIT
 7-Jun-01 Barry Wellman
 14-May-01 Jeff Raskin - Full Day Workshop
 20-Mar-01 724 Solutions
 27-Feb-01 Meeting Requirements Engineering
 27-Feb-01 Steve Mann
 10-Feb-00 Alias/Wavefront site visit
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