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Does AI Mean Data Visualization is Dead? | Jamie Waese, Anne Stevens, Afrooz Samaei, Stephen O'Connell (IBM) [VIDEO, PDF]

  • 29 Jan 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Bahen Centre, 40 St George St, Room 1220


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Does AI mean data visualization is dead? A discussion with IBMers working at the intersection of AI and data visualization about the opportunities and challenges of building next generation business intelligence products.

Data visualization leverages visual and cognitive processes to make connections, recognize outliers and forecast trends. It is a uniquely human endeavour that is central to how we process information, make decisions and communicate. However, modern statistical algorithms (sometimes called "AI") provide powerful ways to analyze ever larger datasets. If AI is better at finding patterns and outliers than we are, do we still need charts and graphs to gain insights from data?

IBM Cognos Analytics is a reporting tool for business intelligence. As we expand our AI capabilities to improve data engineering, forecasting, natural language query, annotation and exploration processes, we must reconcile the implications of what AI means for business intelligence tools more broadly.

Can AI predictions and annotations have as much impact as a well-crafted chart? Can they be as informative and engaging? Is AI any less biased than a human analyst? Will dashboards become obsolete? How do humans respond to the integration of AI in existing workflows and what's their future role in this process?

In this talk we will discuss these questions, report on common themes identified in interviews we conducted with IBMers working at the intersection of AI and data visualization, and discuss some real world experiences incorporating AI into business intelligence products. We look forward to a lively discussion of this subject and seek feedback from the community for guiding our product roadmap into the future.


VIDEO of TorCHI Presentation 

SLIDES Does AI Mean Data Visualization is Dead - TorCHI (1).pdf


IBM Cognos Analytics,

Jamie Waese, PhD
Anne Stevens, M.Des
Afrooz Samaei, M.Des & B.Eng
Stephen O'Connell, MSc.


After the presentations, we'll continue the conversation at the Prenup Pub located a 3-minute walk away at 191 College St. We've reserved the second floor.

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