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Upcoming evening events

ROGERS - The Shift to Customer-First: From Data to Strategy to Experience

Date:Wednesday June 24, 5:30PM-8:00PM.
Location: 1 Mount Pleasant Road
Cost: Admission is FREE, but please RSVP, so we know how many people to expect. 

On this visit to Rogers headquarters, we will hear from the Customer Experience team about the company’s recent significant efforts on improving the customer experience.

Corby Fine, Vice President of Customer Experience Strategy and Andrew Chak, Head of User Experience Design, will share their insights on how Rogers uses data to inform strategy and translates that to an improved customer experience. We will get an insiders view on how opportunities are identified and then transformed into experiences that customers will appreciate and conclude with a discussion on some of the unique opportunities there are to be a part of the Rogers team.

CURRENT UX OPPORTUNITIES are ROGERS: Senior UX Designer, Intermediate UX Designer, Senior Visual Designer.

Upcoming 1-day workshop

1-day workshop: UX Design with the Mind in Mind by Jeff Johnson

Past events

Next Generation Virtual World Michael Macedonia

Designing tools that provide advice: Some advice for UX designers by Paul McInerney & Rick Sobiesiak, IBM

Listening through Customer Insights, Adam Froman, CEO Delvinia & AskingCanadians

Eric Schaffer, Global CEO of HFI Human Factors International gave a talk on January 16, 2014 on Institutionalization of UX. Highlight slides are here EricSchaffer ToRCHI Slides Jan2014.pdf also see the VIDEO [1:19:48].

Kimberley Peter and Adam Archer of IBM, Dec. 2013. Advancing UX in Your Organization.


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