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    • 28 Mar 2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • DGP, 40 St George St, # BA 5187
    • 41

    TorCHI's CHI 2018 Conference Sneak Preview of the innovative research talks to be delivered at the CHI conference, in Montreal, by Students from University of Toronto's Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP).

    LOCATION: Bahen Building,  40 St George St, BA 5187, DGP Seminar Room

    DATE & TIME: Wednesday, March 28, 2018. Networking 6:50 pm. Talks 7:10 pm. Demos & pub following talks. 

    COST: Free, RSVP RequiredJoin TorCHI for $20/year membership,
    $10/year Student Membership with Current School ID.

    CHI 2018 will take place in Montreal this April 21-26. This conference and its namesake organization which has been around for 35 years, is TorCHI's "mother organization." The CHI Conference is an annual meeting, which gathers approximately 3,000 participants from around the world who share passion for UX, Usability, and Human Computer Interaction in research and practice, in academia and industry. This TorCHI event will be a sneak preview of the research talks to be given at the conference by Students from University of Toronto's Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP). To be accepted for presentation at CHI is a significant accomplishment, because the worldwide competition for admission is fierce and only a small number of submissions are accepted each year following a rigorous peer review process. Which means, that these projects are exceptional and worthy of worldwide attention for their leading edge technology and innovation.

    If you can't make the CHI2018 conference, this is a perfect opportunity to get a peek at the content you will be missing. If you are planning to attend CHI2018, this will give you the chance to see more, so you can experience the remaining 19 parallel tracks with slightly less loss aversion, than you would feel, if you did not see these talented presenters practice their talks and answer tough questions from our TorCHI audience. 


    CHI2018 Website:


    Presenter: Seongkook Heo

    Title: Thor’s Hammer: An Ungrounded Force Feedback Device Utilizing Propeller-Induced Propulsive Force

    Abstract  We present a new handheld haptic device, Thor’s Hammer, which uses propeller propulsion to generate ungrounded, 3-DOF force feedback. Thor’s Hammer has six motors and propellers that generates strong thrusts of air without the need for physical grounding or heavy air compressors. With its location and orientation tracked by an optimal tracking system, the system can exert forces in arbitrary directions regardless of the device’s orientation. Our technical evaluation shows that Thor’s Hammer can apply up to 4 N of force in arbitrary directions with less than 0.11 N and 3.9° of average magnitude and orientation errors. We also present virtual reality applications that can benefit from the force feedback provided by Thor’s Hammer. Using these applications, we conducted a preliminary user study and participants felt the experience more realistic and immersive with the force feedback.

    Presenter: Rahul Arora

    Title: SymbiosisSketch: Combining 2D & 3D Sketching for Designing Detailed 3D Objects in Situ

    Abstract  We present SymbiosisSketch, a hybrid sketching system that combines drawing in air (3D) and on a drawing surface (2D) to create detailed 3D designs of arbitrary scale in an augmented reality (AR) setting. SymbiosisSketch leverages the complementary affordances of 3D (immersive, unconstrained, life-sized) and 2D (precise, constrained, ergonomic) interactions for in situ 3D conceptual design. A defining aspect of our system is the ongoing creation of surfaces from unorganized collections of 3D curves. These surfaces serve a dual purpose: as 3D canvases to map strokes drawn on a 2D tablet, and as shape proxies to occlude the physical environment and hidden curves in a 3D sketch. SymbiosisSketch users draw interchangeably on a 2D tablet or in 3D within an ergonomically comfortable canonical volume, mapped to arbitrary scale in AR. Our evaluation study shows this hybrid technique to be easy to use in situ and effective in transcending the creative potential of either traditional sketching or drawing in air.

    Presenter: Sean Robertson

    Title: Designing Pronunciation Learning Tools: The Case for Interactivity against Over-Engineering

    Abstract  Paired role-play is a common collaborative activity in language learning classrooms, adding meaning and cultural context to the learning process. This is complemented by teachers' immediate and explicit feedback. Interactive tools that provide explicit feedback during collaborative learning are scarce, however. More commonly, supporting dialogue practice takes the form of computer-aided single-student read-and-record activities. This limitation is partly due to the complexity of processing language learners' speech in unconstrained tasks. In this paper, we assess the value of pronunciation error detection algorithms within a realistic, software-aided, paired role-playing task with beginning learners of French. We found that students' pronunciations improve regardless of the type of error detector employed -- even for those using simple heuristics. We suggest that speech technologies for language learning have been too focused on engineering goals. Instead, new interactive designs supporting collaboration may be used to overcome engineering limitations and properly support students' engagement.

    DEMOS: Additional DGP students will be on hand to demonstrate their latest works following these presentations. 

    COST: Free, RSVP RequiredJoin TorCHI for $20/year membership,
    $10/year Student Membership with Current School ID.

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29 May 2008 DGPis40 celebration
27 Feb 2008 Tour of IBM Innovation Centre

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