More past events

 30-Jan-08 TorCHI @ Bell Usability Lab
 18-Dec-07 Ron Baecker on ePresence @ TorCHI
 8-Nov-07 World Usability Day @ TorCHI
 25-Oct-07 Mark Chignell @ TorCHI
 18-Jun-07 Bill Buxton @ TorCHI
 28-May-07 Ptanjali Chary of Oracle @ TorCHI
 25-Apr-07 TorCHI Lab Tour @ IBM
 21-Mar-07 TorCHI Tour @ Alias
 28-Feb-07 Ron Baecker @ TorCHI
 7-Feb-07 TorCHI @ CNIB hosted by Lesley MacDonald
 9-Nov-06 World Usability Day @ The Drake Hotel
 28-Sep-06 Khai Truong - Audio Based Reminders @ TorCHI
 31-May-05 TorCHI's Banking Panel
 28-Apr-05 TorCHI & TUPA @ eHEALTH
 21-Mar-05 Paul McInnerney on Task Analysis @ TorCHI
 15-Dec-04 TorCHI @ Ryerson Accessibility Centre
 16-Nov-04 Home Run Event
 22-Apr-04 Helen Maskery @ TorCHI
 17-Dec-03 TorCHI Christmas Party
 13-Nov-03 Aaron Markus @ TorCHI
 16-Sep-03 Karel Vredenburg @ TorCHI
 5-Jun-03 Jared Spool @ TorCHI - Full Day Workshop
 20-Mar-03 Customer Experience Presentation @ TorCHI
 8-Mar-03 Ron Baecker @ TorCHI
 27-Feb-03 Evelyn Lo @ TorCHI
 12-Dec-02 TorCHI @ York University HCI Lab
 28-Nov-02 Antonia Palmer @ TorCHI
 22-Oct-02 TorCHI Panel with 3 Usability Experts
 19-Sep-02 TorCHI Meeting @ Roberts, UofT
 20-Jun-02 TorCHI @ DCIEM
 10-Jun-02 TorCHI Full Day Workshop @ Faculty Club, UofT
 16-Apr-02 Catherine Devlin @ TorCHI
 28-Feb-02 Kim Vincente @TorCHI
 17-Jan-02 TorCHI Meeting @ UofT Sanford Fleming Blue Room
 12-Dec-01 TorCHI Christmas Party @ Summit Grill
 25-Oct-01 MAPTUIT @ TorCHI
 7-Jun-01 Barry Wellman @ TorCHI
 14-May-01 Jeff Raskin @ TorCHI - Full Day Workshop
 20-Mar-01 724 Solutions @ TorCHI
 27-Feb-01 Meeting Requirements Engineering
 27-Feb-01 Steve Mann @ TorCHI
 10-Feb-00 TorCHI @ Alias/Wavefront
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